Janice provides other programs on entertaining, decorating, living the simple life, holiday customs, and the meaning of manners. Most topics are adaptable to a 30 – 50 minute presentation.

As a librarian and educator, Janice is comfortable researching and preparing unique programs on numerous contemporary and historical topics which would be of specific interest to your group.

Contact Janice to inquire about a specific topic and/or available speaking dates.


Audiences love to participate in this entertaining presentation on the history of headgear throughout the ages. Worn for protection, modesty, warmth, a status symbol, a fashion statement, or just to camouflage a bad-hair day, hats can define a woman. Hats have influenced culture, changed the mood of a crowd, and the disposition of its wearer. This 40 minute program is fun for women of all ages, and can be easily combined with a period theme, fashion show, or tea party.

The Simple Life

Living a “simple life” in twenty-first century America is anything but easy. This 50 minute program is not about time saving devices, money saving methods, or a secluded life in the country. It focuses on the spiritual discipline of simplicity and asks such questions as, “Are your possessions available to others? Are you?” Janice explains the Biblical principles that can guide a modern woman to the “simple life.”

Friendship with God

Every woman desires and needs friends. Some are friends with their husbands and children. Some are not. There are many types of friendships—circumstantial, mentoring, life-long, friendships of allies and of soul-mates, and God desires to be all of these to you. He made us for friends. Using Biblical examples, Janice outlines how to have a friendship with God in this 45 minute program.

The Meaning of Manners

Manners and morals involve a right and wrong way of behaving, which probably explains why both are out of favor in the twenty-first century, where everything is relative. Both manners and morals are based on the Biblical principles of treating others as you wish to be treated, and putting others ahead of yourself. Teaching children manners is a precursor to teaching them morals. In this 40 minute program, Janice discusses how parents can make manners a way of life for their children and how to give them the skills to make the right moral choices later in life.

Book Clubs: Friends and Folios

The history of book clubs in America is a surprising story of women’s rights, education, and friendships. Book clubs can be as different as literature itself, but in Texas, book clubs are places for friends to gather and where fun sometimes overrides function. Being a part of a book club may mean discussing a book without having actually read it. It often means reading by ear. Starting a book club, leading a book discussion, and learning how to enjoy a book you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen are part of this 30 minute program on book clubs.

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