Every Birthday Is a Special Occasion

Believing that life is a God-given gift and that each additional year is worth celebrating, Janice welcomes each birthday with inspired enthusiasm and invites readers of Every Birthday Is a Special Occasion to do the same. Janice’s light-hearted style and broad coverage of all-things-birthday – including the origin of the “Happy Birthday” song, the history of famous birthdays such as Christmas and President’s Day, and a peek into birthday customs around the globe – make for a quick and entertaining read. Each of the eight colorfully illustrated chapters is packed with “extras” – such as recipes, birthday poems and song lyrics, and many creative and fun ideas for celebrating from the day you’re born to your 100th birthday and beyond. The book opens with a special, fill-in-the-blank dedication page with the gift-giver can pen personalized birthday greetings and concludes with a convenient calendar to record upcoming birthdates of friends and family. These personal touches, along with the book’s festive theme, make Every Birthday Is a Special Occasion the perfect gift for any celebrant.

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