Savannah from Savannah is a fun, first-novel by Denise Hildreth.  Nancy Drew-style sleuthing and early Erma Bombeck writing make Savannah Phillips from Savannah, Georgia the perfect parody of the newspaper columnist she aspires to be.  Savannah, naïve yet confident, returns to her hometown after graduating with a masters degree in journalism, primarily to prove something to her mother, Victoria.

Savannah calls her mother, the former Miss Georgia and the Martha Stewart of Savannah—Vicky, much to Victoria’s chagrin.  Ironically, Savannah moves back into her parent’s home and launches a crusade to right the wrongs of the antiquated lifestyle she feels her mother represents—namely beauty pageants.

Savannah from Savannah is dedicated to those who have ever grieved the loss of a dream, and that’s pretty much everybody who’s old enough to have had a dream in the first place.  Savannah Phillips learns the hard way, which is the only way most of us ever learn, that everyone dreams of touching the world with something of eternal value.  How like God to redeem loss and make it a part of our greater destiny!

Denise Hildreth follows her heroine through two succeeding novels.  The Savannah Series is a part of the young-adult fiction genre, commonly called “Christian chick-lit” that has become a staple for female, twenty-something’s.  Its humorous, first-person, stream-of-conscience style makes Savannah easy to read and easier to love.

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