“Adventure is an attitude, not a behavior,” says Luci Swindoll in her illustrated autobiography I Married Adventure: Looking at Life through the Lens of Possibility. Luci credits her father for giving her a new way of viewing life when she was just ten years old. Their small boat had been hit by a sudden storm on the lake, and Luci was frightened until her daddy told her to remember how she was feeling in that moment so that she could tell everyone about it later.

The theater, music, painting, and literature have been a large part of Luci’s seventy years, her age when she authored this book. “The arts exist inside every human being,” Luci says, “So, express yourself! Every time we chronicle our thoughts and activities, we are verifying our existence and thanking God we’re alive.”

Nearly every page of Luci’s memoir is filled with her own artistic efforts to capture the moments of her life. Photographs of her world travels, journal entries, to-do lists, postcards she sent to herself, sketches, poems, memorable quotes, and correspondence from friends remind the reader that seizing each day means being alert, curious, and open-hearted. Luci quotes Diane Sawyer, “The most important thing in life is to pay attention.”

I love Luci’s succinct sayings, wise witticisms, and her passionate imperatives. “Say yes to the unknown. Go the extra mile. Nothing of value can be had for nothing. Never stop asking questions.”  I Married Adventure is truly a road map and a reference guide for adventuresome life-travelers, whether or not they already have a spouse.

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